Best Options for Used Laptop Sales in UAE

It is often preferred to sell used laptops than to throw it in the storeroom or wait till it gets completely damaged. Suppose, you are willing to purchase a new one or you need some immediate cash. All you have is a dell laptop in your valuables. What you can do is sell used Dell laptop online in UAE. Now imagine selling a product and waiting indefinitely for the right customer.

This is the first thing that strikes our mind that getting the right customer at the right time is quite impossible. But you need some cash immediately and you can’t ask your friends and family, neither can you run to a financial institution. This is when you must look for some online stores that purchase your item immediately you register yourself into the site and update your product.

Looks amazing right? Yes, there are online stores, where you register yourself, then you provide all the important information about your laptop. This information may include the model number, screen size, RAM, processor, and storage memory. Next, they will ask you about the condition of your laptop.

Speaking about the condition, you must remember that the condition of your laptop doesn’t only include the exterior look but also the functionalities within. This can be brand new, or having an excellent quality of outer look along with technical functionalities, or broken yet working. You need to update the condition carefully as it will be verified later.

Once all the conditions are fulfilled, they will offer you a price for the item. Note that this is the best market price for the product you are selling as several dealers are competing on these platforms and offering their best prices.

You select a price and your item gets sold. For this, you need to visit the company’s nearby store, hand over the item, after a little verification, the amount decided will be handed over to you. There remains an opportunity of purchasing back the product at the same price. Though this is a special service offered by a few of the best buying and selling companies.

When you are looking for websites to sell used Dell laptop online in UAE, you must perform a few things with your laptop. Back up all the data of your laptop that may include documents, pictures, audio, and so on. If they are less in number go for cloud storage, else you can use Windows built-in backup and restore utility to backup all your important items into an external hard drive. Back up the software and windows product keys to install them later on your new device.

Erase all the data from your laptop. This protects all your sensitive information from being leaked. Formatting data is not sufficient as it can be recovered using data recovery software. Formatting the data creates a new environment for the customer you are selling to. Therefore to ensure safety, you need to use file erasure software to permanently delete the files. Once all your files get erased from the laptop, they can never be recovered.

Now reinstall the operating system as all the data gets erased once you complete formatting the laptop. You can also install the latest system as it can increase the price of your device. Make sure that all the parts are working properly as this affects the final price of the laptop. If required, you can change some damaged parts, get a new one or repair them. Finally, clean up your laptop properly and remove all the passwords. Make sure that your device performance is increased and will be loved by the new owner.

sell used Dell laptop online in UAE, sell used Dell laptop online in UAE

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